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SilverAudioDesign - The Quintessence of High-End. Direction of the company SilverAudioDesign is the development and piece production of High-End audio equipment.

Nostalgie M

Single-end, tube, integrated monoblocks built in strict accordance with the main principles of uncompromising approach to sound: extremely short signal path, the output stage to directly heated triode in class A, the absence of negative feedback, valve tube rectifiers, cores output transformers of amorphous iron, the use of the best audiophile components (Mundorf, Allen-Bradley, WBT). The amplifier also has a unique circuit design, based on the esoteric research the beginning of XX century.


Single-ended, tube, the integral amplifier with an output stage on the legendary GM70 direct-type transistors. This model is the quintessence of the principles of creating an uncompromising high-end amplifier and carries the idea of reviving true High-End audio. The development lasted ten years, during which all possible variants of circuit solutions for tube amplifiers were tested using the best components. As a result, the ideal scheme and its implementation were found.


High power, class D, integrated audio amplifier.


High sensitivity speakers with an extremely clear and natural sound.

Aura II

The new version of acoustics Aura. Added woofer driver to improve the bass range. The complex geometry of the body linearizes overall frequency response. The high-frequency tweeter placed in a horn, which together with the rest of the solution, allows raising the sound quality to a new level. It has the ability to connect the scheme bi-amping.


Single-band horn speakers with Lowther EX4 drivers.


Two-band horn speaker system with the highest dynamic performance. Extreme sensitivity allows reproducing music with the holographic precision of sound images and maximum emotional depth. It creates a unique effect of presence and immersion in the music.

Carnival Ultra

Horn speaker system with plasma high-frequency transducer. The final stage of the High-End audio channel must have the highest resolution and clarity, which can not be achieved without the following principles: high sensitivity, the maximum dynamic range, and bandwidth frequency response, minimal distortion. All this can be implemented only in large, full horn systems with plasma high-frequency speakers. Carnival system fully complies with the principles outlined above and reaches the level of art in music reproduction.

Grand Opera

Horn speaker system with plasma high-frequency transducer Grand Opera is designed to sound great interiors. This speaker system has a terrific sound and dimensions (1300x1324x2800mm). This top model series will transmit full-scale symphony orchestra, the best opera houses, and concerts. It is recommended to build a home theater and stereo systems at the highest level.


The APEX is a three-band horn speaker system that reaches the absolute point in the quality of music reproduction.


Horn Subwoofer Grom is intended for use as a bass management in multi-band high-power systems for scoring a large area, can also be a complement to your home system. This unique subwoofer makes the dynamic range of 140dB at 20 Hz. Recommended for all fans of extreme directions of contemporary music.





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